2014 Year-End Web Design Thoughts

So much has happened in the web design in industry in the last few years. So much that designing websites these days can make your head spin. Should you use parallax backgrounds on your site? SVG graphics or standard PNGs or JPGs? Many people are predicting that 2015 will bring about many trends that you should look out for and try on your own website, yet all these things are just fluff compared to the simple basics of what a website is all about: sharing information with users and getting attention at the cheapest possible price.

All the 2015 trends that are talked about seem to be focused on the visual aspect of a website. They seem to be missing the need for good old fashioned content and proper SEO basics, naturally built over time. Web design isn’t just about making things look pretty and fancy; it’s about ‘findability’, usability and content. If proper time isn’t spent getting people to your website, than no matter how fancy it looks, you’re missing opportunities. The problem with many business owners is that they don’t focus on the whole picture. Many focus 80% of their financials on marketing their website using only Google Adwords and only put forth 20% of their time and effort towards programming and design work. Other business owners put 80% of their time and money into programming and only 20% into marketing and design efforts. Both of these business owners think they’re doing the right thing for their company, yet they’re both missing the mark.

Some of the 2015 trends being talked about are typography, using WYSIWYG editors over coding, flat design (again), more scrolling less clicking, and element motion. I’ve seen televisions commercials promoting these exact items also, particularly the WYSIWYG editors that make the point that anyone can design a website with no experience necessary. These type of website are great for brochure-style sites that don’t need any database integration and if you’re satisfied with using only the templates that are provided.