Branding Consistency

It’s always a pleasure to work with clients that have a basic understanding of web design, brand identity and print design. These are the type of clients who ask if a week is enough time, instead of demanding the piece be done before this weekend. So many people today don’t understand the thought processes and revisions that go into creating a good print-ready design, let alone the concepts of brand identity; which is why it was great to talk to a client today that knew what they were talking about.

While speaking with the client about some print design work, they made sure to emphasize that they want their brand to be noticed and to stand out as theirs, no matter what the material is. For example, the style of the business cards, letterhead, and envelopes should all convey the same tone (font style, positioning, etc) so that it will be immediately known that the piece is from client X. Another key point they mentioned is that they want their logo to be simplified to its lowest common denominator. For example, Apple Computer, Inc. is now just Apple Inc., which we also all know so well for their logo (the apple with a piece taken out).

This particular client knew the basics of advertising, marketing & graphic design, which many people can learn from: Be Consistent! Having a guy create you nice letterhead, and then going out and ordering cheap business cards using some online template is not a good example of being consistent. There‚Äôs nothing wrong with being cheesy and cheap; just be consistent about it and make your business known for it; unfortunately your customer might also think what you’re selling is cheap as well, which may not be what you want though.