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Storing US Phone Numbers

Letting users enter their phone number as plain text and just storing that text in your database as it was input can lead to future headaches when it comes to working with those phone numbers. The following are actual formatting examples that were in a client’s database. The numbers have obviously been changed to provide anonymity,

Rapid Prototyping

Not sure how to get started with your web development project? You’re not alone. Most large successful website developments didn’t just appear overnight; they took time and iterations to develop and perfect them into what they now are. Below we’ll look at some methods you can use to get your web dev project started. Sticky

The Basics of SEO

The Basics of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about getting search engines to rank your website at the top. How you get there isn’t just about luck, it takes the know how and a lot of work. SEO, at it’s basic fundamentals, can be broken down into four basic sections: Content, Technical, Social & Links. Let’s take