The Death of Google Authorship in Search Results?

google-authorship search result-exampleGoogle Authorship is a way for people to link their blogs to their Google+ account so that when their blog post shows up in a search result, the bloggers photo and other data would show up as well. This strategy to gain more search engine real estate in the results has been happening for quite some time, but Google has finished some testing and has determined that it might not have worked as originally intended.

One of Google’s Webmaster Trends Analysts, John Mueller, recently posted to his Google+ page that Google is “simplifying the way authorship is shown in mobile and desktop search results, removing the profile photo and circle count.”. While Mueller works at Google Zurich, such a bold statement like his must resonate across the various Google search results across the world, at least eventually. As of June 2014, authorship photos can still be seen in the search results, but that may not be the same months from now. If you’re looking to get on the authorship bandwagon to get more screen real estate in the search results, you may be out of luck in the near future. Reading through the various comments that Mueller’s posts sparked reminds us of the primary reasons many businesses join Google+.

Why Not To Create a Google+ Page

  1. So many small business owners create a Google+ account simply to fake that they’re young and hip and with the times when in actuality they don’t know a thing about gaining followers, keeping it up to date and getting user interaction. Many businesses throw dollar after dollar in advertising to drive up their ‘likes’, thinking that will help them, but in reality they’re just showing more and more people that they paid to like them that they don’t really care about the end user, they just want your business. Social media is more than just posting sales, specials and why you should buy from us posts!
  2. Another reason businesses create a Google+ account is so they can link it to their blog via Google Authorship.¬†As explained earlier, this allows them to take up more search result room so they’ll be more noticed and recognizable. Unfortunately authorship was meant to be used for personal blogs and people, but as time went on,¬†businesses realized the advertising/marketing potential of it and have since ruined it.