Marketing Ideas To Grow Your Business

We’re in the process of creating a marketing plan for a big client at the moment. While this material applies directly to their needs and the people they need to reach, there are many small businesses that should do the same thing to advance their own business. Here are some of our notes pertaining to the proposal we’re giving a client. We hope you can take away some of this marketing wisdom and grow your own business.

Marketing Your Website & Getting Attention:

Create a YouTube channel with videos that provide value to the users.

  • YouTube Business MarketingInterview of leaders in your business
  • Partner/manufacturer interviews
  • Promote your partners with mini commercials during your videos
  • Product reviews on a routine basis (if you sell products)

Create an iTunes Podcast

  • itunes podcasting for businessMake the podcast available on your website, as well as in the iTunes Podcast app
  • Produce the show on a weekly basis
  • All the same info as we put on YouTube: interviews, commercials & reviews, but formatted and styled for the listening audience
  • Transcribe every audio podcast so that you have written words that search engines pick up on for SEO reasons. Use the text in the blog that you post the audio in and direct your listeners to check out that episode on your website for a more details look at what you’re talking about.
  • On the blog where you post the podcasts, include any links to other pages in your show notes that you talk about

Every user has a preferred way of consuming content. Some like video, some audio, others enjoy images, infographics and text/blogs

Facebook / Social Media

  • business marketing on facebookSocial media could play a huge part in getting the word out about your business; but you have to provide value on the Facebook page. You must have valuable content which can include: your YT videos & podcasts, any blogs you’ve recently published, upcoming events, tips & tricks for users of your products, awards & announcements pertaining to recent or upcoming events, boast about your employees and your customers
  • Other social media channels such as Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, etc may not be a good fit for for you, or maybe they are. If they aren’t, keep them on your far-out radar and you should be listening as to whether your users could utilize your presence on those platforms as time goes on.

Blog / Written Content

  • Business blogging to market yourselfBlog posts would include a recap and show notes about every YouTube video we post, as well as every podcast. Viewers and listeners should be directed in the video/audio to check out the blog for show notes, which will include links to products mentioned, an outline of what we talked about, and a place to get more information about what the topic was.
  • Blogs would be posted for every video/audio item you post on YT/iTunes, as well as many text-only blogs that won’t have accompanying media, such as written stories and other items which you don’t have a media item for.
  • Strive to have video/audio for most of what you post; otherwise at least have images that the user can see goes along with the post.
  • Every blog post must be accompanied with an image that represents that post. The image will be used as the preview image link on Facebook. The image must be reflective of the post and be intriguing enough for people to hopefully share on social media.

That’s all the notes we have to share for now. What have you found helpful in marketing your business? What suggestions would you give others? Let us know by posting your thoughts on our Facebook wall.