Marketing Mistake by Dickey’s BBQ Pit

dickeys-barbeque-pit-adCame across this print ad for Dickey’s Barbeque Pit. The photo isn’t two ads, it’s actually the front and back of one ad. The front and back are the same thing! Apparently they thought they’d save money by not paying for a different design on the backside; yet we wonder why they even paid for double-sided printing to begin with. That, however, is not the major mistake of this print ad…

If the photo was larger, it’d be cleaer, but if you look closely; you’ll see no call to action! Where is this place, how can we get there, can we order by phone for pickup? Nothing, notta! No method to contact the company or explain where they are located is on the ad!

We found this print ad near our office; so one would assume it’s close by and that an employee of Dickey’s dropped it off. BBQ rocks and we’d consider going there for lunch one day; except we have no clue where it is without looking it up on Google Maps.

Hey Dickey’s: If you’d like some marketing help, contact us!

After looking them up online; we now know Dickey’s is a national chain… So we can only assume that the print ad was a generic corporate printing that they couldn’t put a phone number on. For goodness sake though, they could have at least put their website address on it and said something like, “Find A Location Near You:”.