Marketing Tip: Be In Their Face!

“Where are all the customers?”… A common question asked by business owners all the time. We could all use more customers walking through our doors, calling us, emailing us for quotes; but where are they all at? Unless you live under a rock, you know that people are still out there in the world; shopping, buying and browsing, but why is it that we sometimes feel like we can’t drive any business into our establishments? While there are probably several reasons for this, we discuss just one a previous article: Be In Their Face!

When was the last time you went TO your customers and marketed TO them, instead of hoping that they come to you? Have you posted print ads on bulletin boards in restaurants and other places that your future customers frequent? Every bulletin board in your city that doesn’t have your logo on it is missed advertising potential. It may seem trivial, but consistent brand awareness is one of the keys to marketing your business. Someone might see your brand 10 times until they even think about purchasing from you. The more often potential customers see your name (in the proper spots), the better.

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