Rapid Prototyping

Not sure how to get started with your web development project? You’re not alone. Most large successful website developments didn’t just appear overnight; they took time and iterations to develop and perfect them into what they now are. Below we’ll look at some methods you can use to get your web dev project started.

Sticky Notes

sticky-notesAn idea in your head is far from reality, but when you get it put down in writing, it starts to take form. If your web app is just a single, some single sheets of paper might suffice, but if your app is like most, you have the headaches of dealing with UX and navigation between pages, along with other decisions that will change along the way. Instead of using paper, we suggest you use sticky notes. This allows you to place each element on a sticky note so they can be rearranged physically on a wall or a desk with ease. For those who are visual people, this can really help the project come to life. If you really want to get fancy with your navigation, you can even use yarn to connect different pages/sticky notes together so you can visually see the linkage and was the pages all come together.

Wireframe Software

rapid-prototype-wireframeIf you’re a techy and need to share concepts with clients offsite, we suggest an online app called MockingBird. Not only can you use the app for creating basic wireframes, which is great in and of itself, but you can also link multiple pages together and preview the prototype to see how the flow of your design works. Having an interactive clickable wireframe helps determine proper sales funnels and user experiences. The best part about using an online app like MockingBird is that you can save your designs, duplicate them, change things around, allow access to others to edit them, and share them with clients who can just preview it. Using MockingBird, combined with the next method, is the fastest way to perform rapid prototyping for online web apps.

Bootstrap Framework Design

bootstrap rapid prototypingWhat better way to rapid prototype a web app than to use pre-existing code designed from the ground up to be fast to code as well as fast for the end user. These things, along with the excellent responsive nature of being mobile-first is why Bootstrap is a great choice to start your web app with. Not only can you quickly turn your working wireframes into an actual functioning website, but you can then style it up with colors and add the graphical touches you’ve been waiting to see. Your website will finally come to life inside the browser, which is when you can then publicize it, install Google Analytics and start tracking what users like and don’t like. Add some A/B testing into the mix and you got yourself an awesome repetitive rapid prototyping cycle. Perfection comes one step at a time, so what are you waiting for? We can help manage your web app project starting with version 1.0 and can take it to the next level as it progresses with more users and revenue.