Wordpress Development

Looking for a website solution that puts you in control after it’s built? A WordPress website is perfect for business marketers wanting to create website pages and blog posts on their own. A WordPress site, along with an email marketing plan are a perfect combination to start collecting email addresses from prospective clients.

Custom Programming

Looking for a highly-secure website tailored to your specific business needs and objectives? We development custom website dashboards and sites that are mobile responsive and help make your business operate more efficiently. Combined with our reporting expertise, a custom website can alleviate business problems and get you focused on what really matters.

Our Development Process

Want to be involved in the development process, no problem! Want to take the back seat and let us lead the way, that’s okay by us too. Our main goal is to listen to what you need, and deliver a premium product that solves your problem!


Every project starts in the discovery phase. During this time we learn about failing solution you already have in place, what and why you’re wanting to improve, and what your dreams are for your online presence. This discovery phase can start with an email or phone call, and can be as short as a few conversations.


Everything we learned in the discovery phase gets put into play here. Based on the information we learned about you, we develop a plan to solve your website needs. We present the plan in detail to you, answer any questions you may have and await your approval to begin developing.


Our plan gets put into action by completing the action items detailed out in the web development plan. Sometimes it starts with choosing and purchasing a domain name, while other times it starts with backing up your existing website and databases for safe-keeping and migration to the new site. This phase often includes wireframe mockups, web design, graphic design, template building, content placement, database architechure design and programming.


It all comes down to this… the day we launch your new website, which of course we’ll have you fully review first though. Launching the website may include last minute database migration, backing up of files, DNS changes, testing the new website, installing and checking analytics data, testing the website on a mobile platform, performing speed test benchmarks of the new website and testing the website again. Before this phase is finished we like to test the website for usability on various mobile devices (iPhone + Android), tablet, desktop PC, Mac, and a laptop or two. This ensures that the majority of your user-base will experience the website as intended. Without proper testing, we may not discover something till months later, thus costing you valuable users, which means revenue.


All our development services offer some type of support services. This is a period of time, usually within two weeks of launch, where we will make minor changes to the website and answer any questions you may have about the backend interface. Minor changes do not include programming or graphic design work, those things should have been scoped out properly in the plannning phase and seen before launch.


Many of our happiest clients choose to have a maintenance contract with us due to our speed and agility in completing requests. Our maintenance contracts are affordability priced and include any time used, whether you need programming work, graphic design work done, textual edits, or entire pages created, you can sign up for one of our maintenance contracts and it will all be covered (based upon the plan chosen).